Clothing: Shirts, Sweaters & Vests

T-Shirts, Sun Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Vests: in wool, quilt, puffy 

The Tack Collector is "1 of 's" and 100% Consignment Horse Related Items for Every Day to Show Day.   Our inventory offers a broad range of prices based on brand & model, age, material quality, consignor, condition, scarcity & both new & used online/in store prices.  Link to Pricing Info

Website Prices reflect current "Tag $$ Discount Markdowns"  *when applicable; additional discounts are manually calculated at trial/purchase*  Check out discounts: Current Discounts

How items are Stamped and how they Fit are 3 Different things! Sizing discrepancies are common even among the same brands based on age, style, model, brand, condition, material and previous use & care.  Sizing that is not provided, removed &/or very faded are provided sizing based on our best judgment and comparative items. Trials are encouraged on eligible items to determine sizing and fit  Detailed info: Sizing Discrepancies

See something you want? Have Questions? Submit a Quote! Arrange for Shipping or Pick up in Shop More information on How to Purchase, Trial, Submit a Quote

*We do our best to thoroughly review and provide as much detailed information as possible Review Decoding our Descriptions for additional information and all items are trialed and sold as is, with no warranty or guarantee 

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