Terms and Conditions

Measurements, sizes, defects & conditions provided are general information and do not guarantee condition, size or fit.  How items are stamped vs how they measure and ultimately fit, can be 3 different things based on brand, model, age, condition, care/treatment and manufacturer. Saddles have more variables based on tree point shape &  lengths, flocking, channel widths, panels,  adjustments, etc.  Items are sold as-is with no guarantee or warranty on behalf of consignors

FINAL SALE: NO Returns or Exchanges, All Items Sold As-Is with No Warranty or Guarantee 

*items NOT eligible for Trial  *Eligible items NOT TAKEN on Trial 1st   *Items NOT returned from Trial   *Outside Canada.

NOT Eligible for Trial/FINAL SALE Only:

*Books/DVD’s  *Completed Sales  *Discounted 50% + higher  *Helmets    *Tack boxes/lockers   *Motorized/electrical; therapy units, clippers, fans, vacuums, heaters, etc    *Topicals//Supplements  


In Shop PickupWITHIN 30 days *After 30 days? COD by Canada Post. No address on file? items donated.



GENERAL Non Saddle Trial - to determine suitability & fit for eligible items only **not actual use**
*No cost/price difference 7 Day Trial vs Final Sale

Items NOT Eligible for Trial/FINAL SALE Only:

*Books/DVD’s  *Completed Sales  *Discounted items 50% + up   *Helmets  
*Motorized/electrical; therapy units, clippers, fans, vacuums, heaters, etc
*Tack boxes/lockers   *Topicals//Supplements  *Shipped outside of Canada         

SADDLE Trial - Canada Only -  Recommended to determine suitability & fit  **Light Use Only**
*Saddle Trial Agreement must be completed, details terms and care 


* Estimates: manually calculated, based on size/weight *large/heavy/bulky items = higher estimates* *out of our control

* 100% Consigned Inventory = shipping costs not covered/built in to price as per new products = No Flat Rate Shipping

*Customers responsible for full cost of shipping & insurance *highly recommended - not mandatory

* Canada Post primary shipper *others available upon request