Terms and Conditions

FINAL SALE:   - No Returns or Exchanges, All Items Sold As-Is with No Warranty or Guarantee 
*items NOT eligible for Trial AND eligible items NOT TAKEN on Trial First AND Items NOT returned from Trial. 



GENERAL Non Saddle Trial - Recommended to determine suitability & fit for eligible items only **not actual use**
*Many sizing discrepancies between brands, models, materials, conditions & ages 
*Measurements, sizes & conditions are provided for general information and are not a guarantee of size or fit.
*No cost/price difference 7 Day Trial vs Final Sale

Items NOT Eligible for Trial/FINAL SALE Only:

*Books/DVD’s  *Completed Sales  *Discounted items 50% + up   *Helmets  
*Motorized/electrical; therapy units, clippers, fans, vacuums, heaters, etc
*Tack boxes/lockers   *Topicals//Supplements  *Shipped outside of Canada         

SADDLE Trial - Recommended to determine suitability & fit  **Light Use Only**
*Saddle Trial Agreement must be completed, details terms and care 


* Estimates: manually calculated, based on size/weight *large/heavy/bulky items = higher estimates* *out of our control
* 100% Consigned Inventory = shipping costs not covered/built in to price as per new products = No Flat Rate Shipping
Customers responsible for full cost of shipping & insurance *highly recommended - not mandatory
* Canada Post primary shipper * FedEx/Purolator/UPS/Other available upon request


Pick Up   

Purchases must be picked up within 30 days.  After 30 days, without prior arrangements, orders will be shipped COD via Canada Post. No address on file? Items will be considered abandoned.


*In Person or Shipped:  2 Business/Open Days MAX, in fairness to consignors & other customers*
        Options to secure item(s):
    *Arrange to purchase or 7 Day Trial, including payment 
    *Send someone in on your behalf to view and/or pick up