Pricing! What's Up?

Pricing! What’s Up?

Everything these Days!! ... groceries, gas, housing, board, riding lessons, utilities, fun times, etc ...   Horse related items have always experienced a huge price range with the largest price difference being between brands. 

Comparing horse world prices to cars is a great example; a Tesla & a Nissan Versa will both get you where you want to go, just in completely different price ranges, before even getting into models & features! And in the used vehicle market too: a used Tesla will still cost a lot more than a used Nissan Versa!

Horse related products experience the same pricing diversity based on brand & model, age, material quality, consignor, condition, scarcity and current new & used online and in store prices.  An extreme NEW $$ example? A Hermes Hoof Pick is $435 USD vs the ‘standard’ Hoof Pick commonly priced around $2 cdn

A more ‘normal’ used consignment $ example? Our Show Jacket consignment inventory prices are everywhere from $28 (Elation Show Jacket) to $1650 (Custom Equiline Shadbelly), with lots of prices in between!  The average $ is $100 and under with many options for every budget.

Our consignment inventory and pricing reflects diversity for every budget & situation; for those who don’t mind spending some elbow grease instead of money to bring out the diamond in the rough, repurposing for craft projects, “Macgyvering” a solution, just starting out/getting back into it and is not sure what their involvement may be, to someone who makes their living with horses and needs the best quality, current fashions and newer conditions for longer lasting products.