Decoding Our Descriptions

At The Tack Collector, it is our priority to ensure all items are thoroughly detailed and conditioned and also remain in the same condition as they were brought in, for peace of mind for both our consignors and customers. One way we do our best to achieve this is through the tagging of each and every item for identification purposes. 

When an item has several pieces, each separate piece is tagged & labeled with the same label that displays the identifying 6 Digit SKU Code, price, description and barcode. Please note: the price on each label is not per item but for the entire group and is not multiplied by the number of tags & labels.  Example: 4 horse boots each have a tag/label attached for $40. The 4 boots are sold for the single label price of $40, not a group/set price of $160 from multiplying each boot 4 times x $40.

Accessories & Parts

Every item is thoroughly evaluated & described as part of the pricing process and based on available label space restrictions, conditions are abbreviated