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Shopping Online: Submitting a “Quote” vs Traditional Online Cart 

Can't come into the store? Live out of province? Out of the country? Have Questions about item(s)? Checking availability? Curious about conditions?  Check out Decoding Conditions link 

No worries, we’ve got you.  We're not like other stores.  Meaning, we don't like to take your money before we know for a fact that all the details of your order are correct and we have answered your questions. 

Why? Well, the traditional "Cart" doesn't know if you want (or can have) a 7-Day “Try before you Buy” Trial, nor does it offer the customized & manual shipping estimates we provide. Because of this, we do not have a traditional "checkout Cart" where you add the items you want and then pay for them by providing credit card information through the website. 

Our solution is to offer the “Quote”, where you add your item(s), necessary information, any questions you may have (in the message box) and then send it off to us. 

How to make a "Quote Request"?

  • Select the "Shop" Tab and OPEN the interested Item - Select "Add to Quote"   
  • Done adding?  Select either "Next Step" in Quote Window, OR "View Quote" (top right corner) 
  • Have Questions? Comments? Concerns?  Include in "Message Box"    
  • Review Quantity in your quote for 1 of each item (that is all we have in inventory)
  • Shipping Estimate Required? Yes or No *Estimates are packaged as efficiently as possible & estimates are manually calculated for the best options and costs for you.
  • Review or Terms & Conditions
  • Press 'Submit'  *may have to ‘re-submit’ & check the CATCHPA box 
  • Check your email inbox:  Quote details and # in our automated email reply are sent immediately *not there? Check your Spam and add us to your address book *not in Spam? Please call us at 403-719-2154

 **Expect our email reply confirming availability and eligibility for trial or Final Sale only, shipping estimates, payment info within 24/48 hrs or sooner     

**Get back to us within 2 Days of receiving this email to guarantee items remain available for you

I’ve Submitted My “Quote”. What Now?

  • “Quote” total at checkout seems wrong? Too high?  We won’t (and can’t!) sell you what we don’t have, the total will be corrected once we get working on your order, and will provide the correct total in our email reply. 
  • Need same day shipping or pick up? Under tight time constraints? We wear many hats throughout the day; consignor check ins & drop offs, helping in-store customers, drop off tagging, processing and pricing and website quotes: locating, manually calculating shipping estimates and email replies. However, we do try our best to accommodate special requests, and your understanding is appreciated as we locate and pull items to confirm availability.
  • Come on in and browse, we can point you in the right direction and help locate items. Who knows what other great deals you find at the same time!
  • Coming in to Shop? Want items pulled and ready for you?  Please Save submitting a quote for specific, must have items; like those Cavallo stirrups you’ve been waiting for? Submit your quote asap!.  Part of our charm is our in-shop browsing experience and not everything is up or easy to find on the website, especially little items. Come on in and browse, you might find other items that you didn't see on the website!
  • Looking at multiple, similar items to compare and determine suitability? As there are generally many factors to the search, it is most efficient when narrowed down by yourself; either in shop or by comparing suitability within the items’ descriptions.  
  • Need help? More information? Submit a quote for the main item you are interested in and provide your questions in the message box, providing specific information such as size, color, style, condition, brand, price to help us narrow down the search.
  • 2 Day Guaranteed Hold Only In fairness to consignors and customers, within these 2 Days payment information is to be provided and either shipping or pick up arrangements confirmed. The 2 Day hold starts when a) we have replied to your quote confirming availability  or b) upon request via phone/in person.
  • Can't come in in 2 Days?  Options are: a) provide payment arrangements within the 2 Day window to guarantee availability  b) send someone in on your behalf   c) submit the quote a max 3 days prior to pick up
  • Changed your mind? All good, we appreciate your reply before the 2 Days are expired

Submitted a Quote & did not receive the Automated Reply? It is standard to receive the automated reply or our response within 48 hours. Check your SPAM folder and add us to your address book.  Nothing in Spam? Please call us or complete the form below and send in

Can't send in a Quote?  the CATCHPA *not a robot* box needs to be checked off before it can be submitted. Depending on your device, it may be a 2 step process.

Thank you for supporting The Tack Collector and our Consignors!