Tips For Finding a Blanket

We have an extensive selection of consignment blankets in many different brands, types, fits and prices.

To help us narrow down the search please provide a measurement of your horse (like example below) as well as information on the blankets that do (& don’t) work.   There are so many variables we joke that it is like buying jeans at Costco, they do not necessarily fit the way they are stamped by the manufacturer.  We recommend using our 7 Day Trial; which is to determine the fit only and not to actually wear.

Item’s measurements, sizes, defects and condition details are provided for general information and are not a guarantee of condition, size or fit.  How items are stamped, and how they measure and ultimately fit, can be 3 different things based on brand, model, age, condition, care/treatment and manufacture. With saddles, this also includes variations in tree point lengths, flocking materials, channel widths, panels, etc 

All items are sold on behalf of consignors and are Sold as-is with no guarantee or warranty.  Have questions? Need confirmation of details? We are happy to answer any questions.