General Info 

We have unique procedures, and ALOT of information to help you shop at The Tack Collector, whether in store or submitting a quote.


  • At The Tack Collector, new consignment items are accepted daily by appointment.  Once each item is detailed, priced, prepared, and pictured, the items are automatically uploaded to the website and put out on the floor. Every day, there is fresh inventory for your perusal– who knows, maybe that one impossible-to-find item you’ve been looking for will show up! 
  • $0 price? Sorry, it isn't actually free - it's just waiting for pricing confirmation
  • Don’t see what you are looking for in shop or the website? Let us know, we will check incoming inventory for you!
Regular Markdowns - aka Tag Discounts: 
  • Discounts are increased throughout the year and provide even more amazing deals on the oldest consigned items.  Extra special deals! The longer an item is consigned the more discounted they get! *some exceptions
  • Once an item has reached the 50% + higher discount range, they are not eligible for trial and are Final Sale only. It’s worth taking a chance for a super amazing bargain!
  • For efficiency, all the item labels only display the original price, the appropriate tag colour discount will be automatically deducted at checkout and on the website listing.  Questions? we can confirm the current price 
  • CURRENT April - June Tag Discounts
Reward Points 
  • We love to offer rewards for Shopping with us! Every $100 is 10 points
Product Descriptions & Sizing 
  • Throughout our 18 years in the consignment business, we have had a front row seat to huge sizing discrepancies found in tack, blankets, saddles, and clothing.  How an item is stamped, how it measures, and how it fits can be very different based on a wide range of factors including mistakes with manufacturer’s tags. 
  • We don’t spam you with newsletters, texts or phone calls.  Want updated information on what is happening? Keep an eye on our Social Media pages and this website 

The Mystery of Sizing 

  • The much used ‘F’ = Full Size on stamps and labels is widely understood to mean an item is “Horse” size. This provided size has proven to be consistently irregular and will often mean any size from Pony to Warmblood, Small to Xlarge. When the F/Full stamp and label appear misleading, rather than just noting that provided size, we provide our best educated size opinion. Measurements can be provided upon request.
  • Please note, that while we do our very best to make sure all sizes, conditions, discrepancies, defects, and accessories are recorded, all items are sold As-Is with no warranty on behalf of our consignors.  

Now What?    1st Step! Final Sale or 7 Day Trial?

As 100% consignment, everything in our inventory belongs to someone else who has entrusted us with selling their items, not renting them.  In respect of our consignors’ items we do not offer a traditional Return Policy and items are Final Sale when sold. 

Transaction Choices are: 

*Final Sale = NO Returns or Exchanges, All Items Sold As-Is with No Warranty or Guarantee 
*7 Day Trial *eligible items only = Returnable 


As avid thrifters ourselves, we understand the disparity that exists with “new to you” consignment items within how sizes change brand to brand, year to year and wash to wash. “Try before you Buy”, a novel solution to the consignment world on more than just saddles, helps stretch those horse dollars farther and is the basis of our 7 Day trial.  

We Believe in “Try Before You Buy”

  • The numerous discrepancies is why we believe in and encourage the 7 Day Trial on eligible items rather than implementing a Final Sale Only policy that is found in most consignment stores. To find out more about what our 7-Day Trial entails, and what items are eligible *check out the information listed below 

How does Final Sale vs 7-Day Trial work? 

Though the Trial consists of more steps, at the end of the day, we firmly believe the 7 Day trial is vital for our customers & consignors.  

The Tack Collector’s Trial policies and procedures for every trial include;

  • Terms and conditions are reviewed, confirmed & signed 
  • for Consignors: safeguarding items by requiring full payment 
  • for Customers: secured credit card information: accepted only in person or by phone *cc info is not kept on file, credit card information is shredded upon completion of every transaction
  • Tracked & organized transactions & required paperwork 
      Link to Final Sale vs 7 Day Trial information

    SHIPPING Information


    • YES! we ship worldwide  Provide your Postal/Zip Code for an estimate. 
    • Shipping costs seem high? often the total savings enjoyed from buying “new to you” consignment items offsets the additional shipping costs, even when compared to the new store’s items cost with covered shipping.  Minimizing shipping costs is our priority and each quote is custom/manually packed as efficiently as possible to reduce packaging and costs. We do our best to get you the lowest rate with Canada Post, and other shippers are available upon request.   

    HOW to ORDER? "Submit a Quote" 

    • submit a quote for specific item(s) and use the message box for your questions in the message box, come on into the shop, or give us a call.
          Link to: Submitting a Quote (make an order)

      TC Item Information:

      Link to: Sizing Discrepancies

      Link to: Decoding our Descriptions

        Thank you for supporting The Tack Collector & our Consignors!