Terms and Conditions

7 Day Trial 

We recommend using our 7 Day Trial for eligible items to determine fit & suitability for sizing purposes only, not actual use, available at the time of the transaction only with a pre-authorized Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Cash (not Debit) for the full amount of the item(s) on trial. Trial payments by Paypal, etransfers or in shop Payment by Debit – Maximum $500, 10% fee applies/returned item(s). 

Exception: Saddles – can be ridden in lightly during the trial; a detailed Saddle Trial Agreement must be completed before saddle(s) leave the shop which explains the terms and care (basically: bring back when due, take care of it, do not remove the tags or use extensively/in a clinic/show, there is a surcharge based on damage sustained during the trial period) of the saddle during the Trial period.  

7 Day Trial only available in Canada. Outside Canada; Final Sale only.

Final Sale

Items not taken out on Trial,very discounted items (50% discount or higher) and Trials not returned at the agreed upon due date are a final sale and are sold As-Is with no warranty on behalf of our Consignors.  We do our very best to thoroughly detail all information, conditions and verify sizing but do not guarantee or warranty that information, conditions or sizing. 

Items not eligible for the 7 Day Trial - FINAL Sale only include

Completed Sales, Books/DVD’s, Clearance 50% & Higher Discounted Items,  Motorized & Electrical Items; including but not limited too: Therapy units, Clippers, Fans, vacuums, heaters, etc

Shipping is available

We prefer to ship via Canada Post; other shippers are available at your request. The total cost of shipping, handling and insurance (highly recommended to cover potential shipping damage as the item is under your full care and responsibility while in transit but it is not mandatory) are your responsibility to cover in both directions. The 7 day trial starts the day the item(s) arrives and is available for pick up/drop off at the Post Office, not the day it is picked up.  If the item(s) needs to be returned to us, we must receive the tracking number before close of the Trial Due Date (7th) day.  At close of the due date we do not contact you to confirm and assume no news is good news and the 7 Day Trial is completed as a Final Sale

Thank you for supporting our consignors & purchasing at The Tack Collector