Purchasing: Final Sale/7 Day TRIAL - Try before you Buy

Purchasing: Final Sale/7 Day TRIAL - Try before you Buy

100% CONSIGNMENT  =  ALL individually owned by consignors  =  “1 of” & unique items

Numerous items are accepted daily on consignment and each item is thoroughly detailed, processed & photographed prior to being put out on the floor and our website.   

Our inventory consists of 100% Consignment Items and primarily “one of” & unique Items. In fairness to customers & consignors our Hold Policy is 2 Business/Open Days Max to arrange purchase or 7 Day Trial, including payment.

Item’s measurements, sizes, defects and condition details are provided for general information and are not a guarantee of condition, size or fit.  How items are stamped, and how they measure and ultimately fit, can be 3 different things based on brand, model, age, condition, care/treatment and manufacture. With saddles, this also includes variations in tree point lengths, flocking materials, channel widths, panels, etc 

All items are sold on behalf of consignors and are Sold as-is with no guarantee or warranty.  Have questions? Need confirmation of details? We are happy to answer any questions.

Ordering through the Website
Offering the 7 Day “Try before You Buy” Trial, has complicated the traditional online cart.  To facilitate offering trials the “Quote Request” Checkout is our alternative and does not require credit card information to be provided before availability is confirmed and the order is processed.

Questions about Item(s)? Please submit a "Quote" through the specific item(s) website listing, and include questions in the "Message" box. The Quote system enables us to confirm items & details more efficiently than through the Contact Us method.

Not sure how to Order? Submit a Quote?  Please refer to the Purchasing Tab and the following information.

*Select "Shop" Tab and OPEN interested Item - Select "Add to Quote"   
*Done adding items? 
     Select "Next Step" in Quote Window OR "View Quote" (top Right corner)
*Fill in your Information *Double check your email address is correct*
*Have Questions? Include in "Message Box"    
*Please check your Spam Folder
*You will receive an automatic email reply with the item(s) you selected in your submitted quote & a Quote #. Didn't receive that automatic reply? Please contact us by phone, email or the contact us section of this website
*Expect an availability email reply within 24/48 hrs or sooner as items are located

In store Shopping
We are happy to assist with locating items and as fellow horse lovers we love to discuss varieties, uses, conditions, and differences in the items you may be interested in. 

Pick Up   
Purchases must be picked up within 30 days.  After 30 days, without prior arrangements, orders will be shipped COD via Canada Post. No address on file? Items will be considered abandoned.

*In Person or Shipped:  2 Business/Open Days MAX, in fairness to consignors & other customers*
        Options to secure item(s):
    *Arrange to purchase or 7 Day Trial, including payment 
    *Send someone in on your behalf to view and/or pick up

* 100% Consigned Inventory = shipping costs not covered/built in to price as per new products = No Flat Rate Shipping  
* Canada Post primary shipper * FedEx/Purolator/UPS/Other available upon request
* Estimates: manually calculated, based on size/weight *large/heavy/bulky items = higher estimates* *out of our control
*Pre-authorized credit card may be adjusted once final amount is received
* Etransfer or Paypal is a final amount, not adjusted & email your current mailing address
* CPost Package:  ** final amount, not adjusted

7 DAY TRIAL: "Try BEFORE You Buy" in Canada Only

GENERAL Non Saddle Trial - Recommended to determine suitability & fit for eligible items only **not actual use*
*Many sizing discrepancies between brands, models, materials, conditions & ages 
*Measurements, sizes & conditions are provided for general information and are not a guarantee of size or fit.
*No cost/price difference 7 Day Trial vs Final Sale

SHIPPING: *Customer Responsible for costs of shipping & recommended insurance in both directions (if returning)
*Trial starts the day available for Pickup/Delivery attempt, NOT day picked up

Items NOT Eligible for Trial/FINAL SALE Only:
*Books/DVD’s  *Completed Sales  *Discounted items 50% + up   *Helmets  
*Motorized/electrical; therapy units, clippers, fans, vacuums, heaters, etc
*Tack boxes/lockers   *Topicals//Supplements  *Shipped outside of Canada         

SADDLE Trial - Recommended to determine suitability & fit  **Light Use Only**
*Saddle Trial Agreement must be completed, details terms and care 

Payment Methods:
7 Day Trial - pre-authorized Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Cash (not debit) for the full amount of the item(s) on trial. Trial payments by Paypal, etransfers or in shop Payment by Debit for Trials – Maximum $500, 10% fee applies/returned item(s). 

Final Sale **No Returns or Exchanges**
Items NOT eligible for Trial, Eligible items NOT TAKEN on Trial, Items NOT returned from Trial.  Detailed conditions, defects & sizing are for information purposes only and all items are sold AS-IS with no guarantee or warranty on behalf of consignors.

Payment Methods:
Final Sale - Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Cash, Debit, Store Credit or Tack Collector Gift Cards.

Shipped:  Pre-Authorized Credit Card: Visa, M/C, Amex Etransfer or Paypal

Conditions & Sizing
Item conditions & defects are thoroughly detailed and listed, helping remove surprises before purchase for in person and website “sight unseen” items. 

Sizing, suitability or condition questions? 
Use the 7 day trial (in Canada only) for in person and shipped orders 
Or Contact Us: *403-719-2154   *through Quote Request or Contact Us

Pricing Is determined by several factors; consignor, brand AND model, age, condition and comparable new prices. 

Brands & Models are an integral factor as new price ranges between brands with similar items are very diverse.  
*Antares > HDR     *Animo > Elation *Dubarry > Dublin    *Rambo > Cavalier  *Sprenger > Metalab

Tag Discounts 
prices are reduced based on the tag (not the label) color on item's website listing or in person at Checkout when applicable.  Discounts are increased throughout the year.

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DISCOUNT time at The Tack Collector and we are starting it off by changing up the look a little bit 😊
25% - 85% Price Markdowns are reduced automatically off the label price on the website and at checkout in the shop.  Exceptions are: saddles, grey, orange and white tags ...
 Thank you for supporting our consignors & purchasing at The Tack Collector